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 Save on green. Build on a machine.


Imagine a virtually-designed model of your planned space . . .

. . . a perfect four - dimensional (4D) rendering of a 20-story office building, a commercial retail space or the rebuild of an historic property—down to the smallest detail.

Now, imagine taking a virtual walk through of the proposed space with your development team from across the globe, making changes and spotting construction errors before groundbreaking even begins.

BIM harnesses the power of next generation building to make that happen.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is changing the face of the entire real estate and development industry as we know it. As a leader in BIM technology since 2003, Virtual Build saves clients money and time by “building” projects on a machine before the actual construction phase begins.

Cut back on errors. Save time in labor and change order fees. Reduce travel time to a construction site. Harness the power of BIM with a click of your mouse.

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